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Armistead Maupin at home. Photo by Cristina Taccone

Scoop du Jour: 04/02/04
"Michael Tolliver Lives!"
by Hank Donat

Armistead Maupin to pen Tales sequel chronicling one day in the life of Michael Tolliver, now a 52 year-old gardener. New novel to be published by HarperCollins.

Maupin responded directly to Mister SF's news flash via his web site, telling readers there that the new book is not a sequel. The author also emailed a local daily columnist to make that point. He would certainly know, but if the book is about Michael Tolliver it's a sequel as far as any Tales reader, literally in the world, is concerned. No word yet from Maupin on why the visceral reaction to the "sequel" label, though it would appear to be his attempt to manage readers' expectations for a full Tales reunion. Maupin says in addition to Tolliver, one or two of the earlier characters may appear in the new story.

(The Chronicle reprinted Maupin's coming out, "Letter to Mama" column from 1977 in its June 13, 2004 Sunday Datebook. The credit tag read, "Maupin is at work on a sequel to 'Tales,' about Tolliver in San Francisco today." - HD)

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