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Tad's Steakhouse: 120 Powell Street

05/01/07; 11:12 AM

Leah asks, How can I find out more about Pat [Montandon]'s new environmental project?

She directed inquiries about "Peace for the Planet" to her website, patmontandon.com.

johnny asks, Did you ever go to Dago Mary's?

I go everywhere petrale sole is still on the menu. I have posted photos of DM's for the archive.

04/24/07; 3:03 PM

VuMaster asks, If as you say Pat Montandon's Forgiveness chapter should have an asterisk what should it say?

*but I get to tell, and tell, and tell.

mltallen asks, Your meticulous research on movie locations, buildings, etc is such a resource to the San Franciscophiles who unfortunately live elsewhere. Any chance you will be documenting scenes from "The Streets of San Francisco" which is now on DVD?

A representative few are documented in the cinema section. It would be a great task to comb the entire series. Never say never!

Katharine asks, How is Herb Hamrol doing? Is he really the last [1906 earthquake] survivor?

Mr. Hamrol is doing great! It was a cold morning at Lotta's Fountain, but don't let that Red Cross blanket fool you. He possesses great physical and mental vigor for a man of 104. You could run a grocery store after hearing him describe the workflow process on his job at Andronico's. While Mr. Hamrol was the only survivor to appear at the commemoration this year, there are a few others who were not able to attend.

Scott asks, Where was Taren Sapienza?

Sapienza, the native San Franciscan and longtime organizer of the annual 1906 quake commemoration, sat out this year due to bad will between Sapienza and City officials over last year's event. The mayor extended an olive branch via the Examiner at this year's festivities but frankly, no one involved missed the past drama. The rebooted event was beautiful and filled with heart. Best of all, it seemed to belong to no one but us 500 or so diehards including the mayor and police and fire chiefs, NERT people, Red Cross volunteers, Lee Houskeeper, Chuck and Donna Huggins, and all the wonderful friends and neighbors like my pals Kimberly and Roger who wouldn't dream of not being there to remember where we've been and think about where we're going.

JiminPhilly asks, Are you really paying $3.99 for gas out there?

Yes. Even television commercials designed to promote fuel efficient cars don't show gas prices as high as ours!

Christie asks, what do you see when you look at your city lately?

I see a City so beautiful that even the most prolific graffiti artists prefer to mark removable objects once in a while. From Masonic and Parker I see the tower on Rincon Hill rising over the horizon. It is playing peek-a-boo now, even before its birth. I see a City in hopeful anticipation of continued national political turnaround. I see overhead wires disappearing into the past on Oak Street. It has been a lovely start to the spring; too many homeless, still, again, always, it seems. In North Beach I see my old friends. And I see fresh paint from Drumm Street to La Playa.

Lisa asks, Is Tad's closed for good?

Tad's is closed only for remodeling swear its owners.

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