San Francisco in Cinema: Crumb

1555 Oak Street
Crumb is the excellent 1994 documentary on the life and times of subversive cartoonist Robert Crumb. The Philadelphia native moved to San Francisco in 1966 and launched Zap Comix with fellow artists Rick Griffin, Spain Rodriguez, S. Clay Wilson, and Victor Moscoso the following year. R. Crumb also created the Keep on Truckin' character, Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, Mr. Snoid, MacSpade, and countless others. The documentary by Terry Zwigoff features insights into Crumb's childhood and, later, his LSD experience and career as a cult icon. Included are interviews with Crumb's wife, ex-wife, mother, and brothers. Robert's older brother, Charles Crumb, committed suicide a year after Zwigoff's interviews. The younger brother, Maxon, is a homeless man and a familiar face around the Crown Zellerbach building in the Financial District. According to Stannous Flouride's Haight Ashbury Star Map, R. Crumb lived at 301 Lyon Street and 1555 Oak Street in the panhandle.

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