San Francisco in Cinema: Electric Dreams

Mason Street at Clay.
In Electric Dreams, mild-mannered architect Miles Harding competes with a mischievous computer for the love of his upstairs neighbor, cellist Madeline Robistat. Most likely to be enjoyed by fans of early-'80s MTV, the obscure 1984 sci-fi love story was directed by Steve Barron, who directed Aha's "Take on Me" video the following year. While "Take on Me" is remembered as one the top videos of the decade, Electric Dreams is mostly forgotten. As played by Lenny von Dohlen, Miles lives at 1117 Mason Street. Madeline, played by Virginia Madsen, lives upstairs at 1115. Edgar, the computer that runs amok for Madeline's affection, is voiced by Bud Cort. Electric Dreams features the music of Culture Club, Heaven 17, and Giorgio Moroder. A couple of trippy sequences in which Edgar learns about love and dreams stand out in the otherwise dated fantasy. Locations include Davies Symphony Hall, the corner of Mason and Clay on Nob Hill, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Pier 39. Maxwell Caulfield appears as Bill, a musician. The woman in the soap opera Edgar watches is Britain's Koo Stark, the notorious adult film star and pop singer who dated Prince Andrew.

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