San Francisco in Cinema: The Facts of Life
Bob Hope and Lucille Ball make a mad dash to San Francisco International Airport in a rainstorm at the climax of The Facts of Life. In the 1960 comedy, Bob and Lucy are Larry Gilbert and Kitty Weaver, members of the SoCal country club set who, bored with their own spouses, fall in love after being thrown together on an Acapulco holiday when all the other husbands and wives are AWOL. They return home and find continuing their affair to be more hassle than it's worth. Lucy uses a shopping trip to Gumps as her cover for an assignation with Bob. She leaves husband Don DeFore and sets out on a new life with Bob, but the pair has a change of heart after the rain spoils their getaway and exposes the truth about the facts of life. Can they make it back from SFO in time to retrieve Lucy's "dear John" letter to DeFore? Find out by renting The Facts of LIfe, or watch it in-flight on United Airlines, the carrier of choice for Larry Gilbert and Kitty Weaver. Directed by Melvin Frank. With Ruth Hussey, Louis Nye, and Philip Ober (Mr. Vivian Vance). 

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