San Francisco in Cinema: Herbie the Love Bug

Downtown Center Garage, O'Farrell and Mason Streets.
Like The Love Bug, director Robert Stevenson's 1974 sequel, Herbie Rides Again, is set in San Francisco. This time out, Helen Hayes is the proprietor of the Telegraph Hill firehouse where Herbie lives, along with Stephanie Powers. Ken Berry is the attorney who helps Herbie save the firehouse from demolition by Berry's uncle, evil developer Alonzo Hawk. In Herbie Rides Again, the little car (license number OFP 857) leads pursuers on a wild corkscrew chase through the Downtown Center Garage before flying across O'Farrell Street. Expansive cityscapes provide the closing shots of both films. In the sequel, the Transamerica Pyramid is the most obvious addition. 

Look for (or avoid) the sequels, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas, Herbie: Fully Loaded, plus a short-lived 1982 TV series and a 1997 TV remake of the original Love Bug.

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