San Francisco in Cinema: Ironside
As the paraplegic police detective Robert Ironside, Raymond Burr lived and worked at the old Hall of Justice, 750 Kearny Street between Washington and Merchant. Never mind that the building was demolished in 1967, it provided exterior shots for the series from 1967-1975. From a similar vantage point to that seen in the series, the 750 Kearny location had quite a different look in 2001 as the Holiday Inn and Chinese Cultural Center. Though Burr was better known for his Perry Mason role, Ironside was also a memorable character. After Ironside is shot by a suspect, a surgeon breaks it to the detective that while the operation to remove the bullet was a success, he'll never walk again. The steely Ironside deadpans, "Is that all?" With Don Galloway as Detective Sergeant Ed Brown, and Gene Lyons as Commissioner Dennis Randall.

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