San Francisco in Cinema: The Lineup
The Lineup was known as San Francisco Beat in syndicated reruns, but a more appropriate title might have been "Streets of Old San Francisco." Filmed on location in the City from 1954-1960, The Lineup told stories of the SFPD from actual case files. Auto boosting, kidnapping, robbery, and homicide were all in a days work for City cops in stories like "The Missing Russian Hill Matron," and "The Waterfront Romeo." The series, which ran on CBS from 1954-1960, was directed by Earl Bellamy and starred Warner Anderson as Detective Lieutenant Ben Guthrie. Future soap star Rachel Ames of General Hospital played Policewoman Sandy McAllister. Episodes of The Lineup were a scrapbook of the post-1906, pre-modern San Francisco beat in the days before downtown skyscrapers. Don't miss the wonderful 1958 feature film version.

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