San Francisco in Cinema: Portrait in Black

I Magnin, Geary & Stockton Streets.

Like Sudden Fear, Portrait in Black gives us a legendary Hollywood leading lady as a femme fatale/damsel in distress with a Pacific Heights mansion and marital woes. This time it's Lana Turner, whose husband is a paralyzed shipping tycoon done in by his doctor, Lana's lover, played Anthony Quinn. Luxury sets and costumes dominate this 1960 mystery/drama directed by Michael Gordon. Anna May Wong, the Asian star whose career is lined with stereotypes, fares no better here. Her brooding housekeeper, Tawny, is subject to racist comments from chauffeur Ray Walston and is shown in one scene glowering as she strokes a cat. Richard Basehart of The House on Telegraph Hill returns to San Francisco here as businessman Howard Mason. Also stars Sandra Dee and John Saxon. A gravity-defying finale and lush color make this entry a fine double feature with Daddy's Gone A-Hunting.

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