San Francisco in Cinema: Save it for Later
The Defenestration Building, 214 Sixth Street at Howard, is among the more lively San Francisco locations that appear in Save it for Later. The story centers on Scott Cooper, a local guy who returns to the City 17 years after a family tragedy sent him packing as a teen. The debut feature by ad exec turned filmmaker Clark Brigham premiered at the San Francisco Film Society's 46th SF International Festival in 2003. Like many independent filmmakers' first films, Brigham's story is rife with internal conflict and languid pacing. The popular San Francisco theme of self invention is touched on here, as the main character is inspired to strive against the stream by an artist and free thinker. However, this theme and the flavor of the City itself are obscured by the overall weight of the film. Even Black Widow star Theresa Russell - whose appearance here would seem like a casting coup for an indy of this scale - looks bored. 

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