San Francisco in Cinema: Lady from Shanghai

Playland Photo: Musee Mecanique

Playland at the Beach provides locations for Orson Welles in the 1948 film noir classic Lady from Shanghai. Welles, who directs his own script from the Sherwood King novel, is Michael O'Hara, who's hired by a wealthy attorney to sail the attorney and his wife to San Francisco aboard the attorney's yacht. Intrigue involves a plot to fake the murder of the boss's law partner for love and money. When the man is murdered for real, Welles is tried for the crime. Who set him up and why? Find out by watching Lady from Shanghai.

Featuring cityscapes and scenes filmed at Steinhart Aquarium, Portsmouth Square, Chinese Opera House, and the old Hall of Justice on Kearny, and shots of the Chinese phone company, and Li-Po's. Welles was married to leading lady Rita Hayworth at the time Lady from Shanghai was filmed here.

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