San Francisco in Cinema: Time After Time
"Son, observe the time and fly from evil." (Ecclesiasticus 4:23) The inscription on the south face of the clock at Old St. Mary's Church was originally directed at patrons of the Barbary Coast brothels that operated across the street. The Bible quote takes on new meaning for David Warner's Jack the Ripper in the 1979 time travel drama Time After Time. Jack absconds to modern day San Francisco in a stolen time machine with H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) in hot pursuit in an interesting story by Karl Alexander, Steve Hayes, and director Nicholas Meyer. Mary Steenburgen stars as the lady in jeopardy, Amy Robbins. Great San Francisco locations include the Marina Green, Palace of Fine Arts, the Hyatt Regency and its revolving Equinox restaurant, Broadway strip clubs, and a foot chase through the catwalks of Embarcadero Center. The EC is also used as a location in The Conversation, and is always recognizable by its distinctive tiles.

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