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July 8, 2004: The 42nd Annual Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest was held at Union Square. The winner recieved his trophy from the 42nd mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom.

(If you think you remember that the 40th annual contest was held just last year, you are correct. A Muni historian said that records show the contest started a year earlier than was previously believed, making last year's winner, Ron East, the 41st champ.)

The Competitors
Gordon Miller
Ken Foster
Patrick Ledbetter, Sr. aka Doc
Frank Ware
Walter L. Scott III
Jimmy Chau
Byron Cobb

Doorman Tom Sweeney presented the third place trophy. (Third place goes to...)

Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White presented the second place trophy. (Second place goes to...)

MC Debbie Durst announced the arrival of Mayor Newsom.

And the winner is...

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