Mister SF in The Examiner

Mister SF Hank Donat with Stacey and Christopher Caen at a previous Herb Caen Day Luncheon in 2004.

In a poignant and revealing column, Christopher Caen spoke of his father, Herb Caen, on the occasion of the Herb Caen Luncheon in 2006.

"And suddenly I realized what had happened over the years, and why Moose kept it going. People weren't coming for the column anymore; they were coming for the man. Somehow along the way the spirit, the hope and the undeniable San Francisco-ness of my father had come back. Hank Donat was in one corner, telling San Francisco stories as he is wont to do. Will Durst was holding down the bar. Jon Eugenio was busy explaining the proper care and feeding of a brimmed hat. It was a little party, not a big event. In other words, it was a room that my father would have enjoyed." - from Christopher Caen 04/07/06

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