Mister SF on OUT Spoken

Hank Donat appeared in Episode #42 of OUT Spoken, the LGBT community show on Comcast, hosted by Tim Gaskin and Donna Sachet. There, Mister SF suggested that Sachet should replace Star Jones as a co-host on The View. "I'd call Barbara Walters with this idea myself," Hank said, "but I haven't forgiven her for being engaged to Roy Cohn."

"Is MisterSF.com a gay site?" Gaskin asked. "Like my stand-up comedy from the '90s," answered Donat, "I'm gay and everything I do has a gay sensibility, but most often I'm really representing myself." [Or, as my pal Marilyn Pittman once said, "Mister SF is a gay man with a web site that takes people by the hand and shows them San Francisco. Of course it's fabulous!" - HD]

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