Mister SF in The Body Politic

Golden Steer, 308 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas.
The Body Politic is a column by San Francisco Examiner reporter Adriel Hampton. Adriel has a front row seat in the city's political theatre, where they don't serve popcorn - just nuts.

June 16, 2003

"Mister SF Hank Donat was hot on the trail of the City Hall bachelor party in Las Vegas over the weekend. 'I don't know whether any of the City Hall Las Vegas road trippers are carnivores, but if so and they're also feeling homesick, I've found a taste of S.F. in tasteless L.V.,' Hank writes. 'Joe DiMaggio still has a booth at the Golden Steer on Sahara Ave. The Golden Steer is the oldest restaurant in Las Vegas. It's a real old-school place, like Ernie's. I sat at Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando's booth, seven feet of red vinyl. Cementing the sentiment, the Golden Steer happens to be located in a strip mall called Frisco Plaza.' ... Hank also reports Vegas has scotched plans for an S.F.-themed hotel. ..."

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