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05/21/04: Bob Pritikin with Stuart Pearson Wright's Portrait of Prince Phillip

May 19, 2004: San Francisco bon vivant Bob Pritikin has acquired a controversial portrait of England's Prince Phillip that was deemed too bizarre to hang at Buckingham Palace. Pritikin was set to receive the painting by artist Stuart Pearson Wright via Federal Express at his Chenery Street mansion this week. "The painting is a major portrait," Pritikin said, "It was reported in over 400 newspapers around the world. I called the gallery in London and said, 'I'll take it.' I think I got it for a steal." Pritikin paid $45,000 for the work for which Prince Phillip sat for four one-hour sittings at Buckingham Palace. The portrait, unveiled in the summer of 2003, depicts the prince naked from the waist up with a fly on his shoulder and a plant growing out of his finger. The prince had posed with his shirt on. According to England's Guardian newspaper, when asked by the artist if he had captured the prince's likeness, the prince "glowered at the painting and snapped: 'I bloody well hope not!'" Pritikin said he plans to display the portrait prominently in his Chenery home. "I only hope it's not too imposing to walk around my house and see this bare chested man with a fly on his shoulder," said Pritikin, the magician, adman, and renowned concert saw player who operated the Mansions Hotel.

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