Mister SF in Stuttgarter Zetiung

On a good-will visit to Germany in 2004, Mister SF poses at the statue of Sigi Sommer, (1914-1996), the Herb Caen of Munich.

The one who describes the city today in which one lives, the one who wants to show its pulse online, doesn't necessarily have the idea of introducing the big writers of his city as profile-giving authorities. MisterSF.com is a web-magazine about San Francisco that calls itself proudly 'Heart of the City'. At the same time it is clever, understanding the writer Armistead Maupin and his colleagues as important resources to the community.

This net-magazine is also a charming and unpredictable advertisement for this metropolitan city with its interest in politics, culture and gossip, in crime and museums. Stuttgart's image polishers should study this webpage on a regular basis: life between hills must not narrow the view.

Translated from Stuttgarter Zeitung, 01/12/04

Copyright 2004 Hank Donat
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