Exclusive! Mister SF Presents: Nov. 4 - Dec. 12, 2003.

Mister SF Presents: All Over Coffee, a new strip by San Francisco cartoonist Paul Madonna. Every now and then an emerging or undiscovered talent catches our eye and leaves a unique impression. This was the case when the cartoon art of San Francisco resident Paul Madonna came my way. In his new strip, "All Over Coffee," Madonna captures the emotions of common moments in this most uncommon City. Like the artist, you are perched at a neighborhood coffeehouse, staring out the window, not doing the homework you brought, not reading the latest novel you'd like to finish but to which you are vaguely indifferent. Pieces of conversation float in and out of the internal monologue in these fog shrouded reminiscences.

All Over Coffee

"All Over Coffee" Copyright 2003 Paul Madonna. Mister SF Copyright 2003 Hank Donat
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