Farewell Favorites: Dago Mary's

Hugs and farewells at Dago Mary's.

Here's a Farewell Favorite that fate conspired against with unrelated political realities - Imus controversy - to rid the landscape of anomalies like Dago Mary's, the Hunter's Point restaurant with the anachronistic name and great sole! Dago Mary's closed on April 27, 2007. An attempt by a new owner to reinvigorate the place beginning in 2004 was unsuccessful. The blue collar lunch crowd was not enough to keep afloat the restaurant with the bar from the original Flood Mansion and beautiful woodwork from its days as the Venetian Villa. The restaurant was an icon from SF's 20th Century maritime heyday and a landmark in the southeast part of the City. Dago - we said it with love for 30 years; good luck calling a restaurant 'Dago' again - Mary Ghiozo was the proprietor of the original restaurant, which she opened following the end of prohibition in the early 1930s. The building, located just behind the gate at the Navy Yard, is slated for demolition as part of development plans for the area. At this writing on closing day, staff confided that no one involved expects the restaurant to return. The vintage woodwork is being removed and put in storage.

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