Farewell Favorites: hungry i

Courtesy photo: Dorothy Currin Lloyd
Native San Franciscan Dorothy "Dee" Currin performed at the hungry i for six months in September, 1954, and for two months in '57. Dorothy shares her hungry i memories:

"Enrico was so nice to me and appreciated my talent. I did all original material, composed by Gene Kauer. My show was based on the Lillian Roth story, I'll Cry Tomorrow. I remember Enrico in the hungry i kitchen instructing me on how he made his spaghetti sauce. 'The onions must be cooked until they are transluscent.' Enrico may also recall the night Mel Torme came backstage to meet me after my performance. He said, "I like the way you look, and I like the way you sound. How would you like to do a TV show with me?" Memories of the hungry i include those times with Don Adams, when we would sit and chat between shows. I must also mention working with Shelly Berman, who sat in the front row and liked to hear me sing 'Foggy Day.' I was very young at the time, and Bob Parenti, my first love, did not understand show business and, in fact, discouraged me. In those days a girl made a choice, either marriage or career. I chose marriage, but I never really dropped out of singing."

Dorothy Currin graduated from George Washington High School, 32nd Avenue and Geary Boulevard. She recorded demo records at a studio on Powell Street with fellow GWHS alumni Johnny Mathis.

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