Farewell Favorites: Julie's Supper Club

Julie's Supper Club, 1123 Folsom Street, was a staple on the South of Market scene since its arrival in 1987. When the original Julie, Julie Ring, left to pursue the now defunct Julie's Heart and Soul on Polk, her spirit endured here until 2005. Longtime visitors will remember the portrait of Natalie Wood that adorned the restaurant. Still others will remember that the Symbionese Liberation Army held their captive, Patty Hearst, in the basement here for a time in the 1970s. But all you really needed to know to enjoy this San Francisco institution is how to have a good time. That was easy at Julie's, with its consistently good yet ever-changing menu of California cuisine, a '50s environment that lent itself to socializing, and an excellent wine list. No wonder Julie's was always on "hot" lists and survived the SoMa restaurant boom-and-bust related to the dot com phenomenot.


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