Farewell Favorites: Lifetime Books

Just like a cat, Lifetime Books, 1346 Polk Street, seemed to have one life more (and stunk a lot of the time).

Lifetime Books lived up to its name. Before closing in the spring of 2007, it had outlived all but one (Field's) of the independent bookstores in its district. In its finest hour, Lifetime was bursting with quirky, interesting, hard-to-find books. But it had also survived a succession of owners. In June of 2002, Tracy Hubrich had to announce that the store was clean. Years of neglect by others had turned Lifetime into a into a cat toilet before Hubrich took over. After Hubrich died of an aneurysm in September, 2006, manager Tom Iveli tried to keep the place going, but to no avail.

Copyright 2007 Hank Donat
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