Farewell Favorites: Miz Brown's Feed Bag

3401 California Street.

Miz Brown's Feed Bag Restaurant Farewell Message

"To all the wonderful customers At Miz Brown's,

How difficult it is to say good-bye to you. We have been on a long journey together since 1953 and what a wonderful time it has been.

My family first met all of you when my great and and uncle first purchased The Feed Bag here on California Street. This was such a big deal for my family that soon several family members were all working. They began a long history of truly wanting to give our wonderful friends good food and good service.

The family members were...
Great Aunts & Uncles: Robert and Millie Overn, Walter and Ruth Burke
Grandmother: Marie Taffee
Mother & Father: Harry and Betty Meharry
Children: Marlee and Colleen Meharry

We started The Feed Bag and grew to own several Miz Brown's Country Kitchens. The Elbow Room, Meharry's Royal Scot, The Shadow Box, and most recently Meharry's Cafe.

Throughout all these years you have been there for us and this family has nothing but deep gratitude for all of you. We will never forget you.

Thank you got all the years,

The Meharry Family."

Copyright 2004 Hank Donat
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