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As a very young bookseller, Mister SF was responsible for organizing events for authors such as Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis and rock star/memoirists Daryl Hall and John Oats at the Waldenbooks stores at Crocker Galleria, Four Embarcadero, and Geary Street. These images are from Polaroids from Mister SF's archive. Says Hank, "In the 1980s, Waldenbooks was on top as the national bookstore. In our San Francisco district we entertained great writers but also many mainstream authors including Janet Leigh, Bette Midler, and the film critic Roger Ebert. One day, Studs Terkel arrived unannounced at the store at the Embarcadero. He talked with me about World War II-era San Francisco for half an hour before signing a copy of The Good War for my high school Oral History teacher. (I doubt that many high schools have Oral History programs at this writing in 2008.) My final paper was on mom and pop stores, which I guess dates my interest in neighborhood character and independent businesses like San Francisco's at least that far back. This teacher of mine idolized Mr. Turkel, who was very kind and also full of vodka."

Jim Davis

Hall and Oats

Daryl Hall

John Oats

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