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Only in SF

Proposition 8 Overturned

by Mister SF on 08/04/2010

>> Only in SF

Hank Donat’s statement on the decision by a federal judge to overturn Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment passed by California voters in 2008: Read More.

Wish You Were Here 012110

by Mister SF on 01/21/2010

>> Only in SF

Wish You Were Here 011110

by Mister SF on 01/11/2010

>> Only in SF

Wish You Were Here 111509

by Mister SF on 11/15/2009

>> Literary SF,Only in SF

Calling all Cars

by Mister SF on 11/06/2009

>> Only in SF

Sign written accurate? Nobody’s perfect, but could someone please summon the grammar police to Office Depot, 2675 Geary Blvd.? And make it quick, unless your phone is working slowly.

Landmark Renovation is S-Backwards

by Mister SF on 11/01/2009

>> Only in SF

The crumbling Bay Bridge reopens after last week’s rain of steel and wire, while another landmark receives a dubious upgrade, unnoticed perhaps, but not by Mister SF.

Hello world!

by Mister SF on 10/18/2009

>> Only in SF

In Transition: Mister SF returns November 1, 2009.

Hopper’s Hands

by Mister SF on 03/18/2009

>> High on a Hill,Only in SF

Hopper’s Hands is an SF icon.