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Splendid Structures

Pointing the Finger of Fate

by Mister SF on 05/06/2013

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Ever the optimist, a San Franciscan doesn’t forgo an opportunity to recognize a talisman of good times. Mister SF reveals a favorite hidden in a City landmark.

The New City

by Mister SF on 04/02/2009

>> In with the New!,Splendid Structures

Stop looking for The New City. It’s here.

Royal Theatre Marquee

by Mister SF on 03/25/2009

>> Splendid Structures

Mister SF tries to love the Royal Theatre Marquee.
Mister SF was Charmed in L.A.

Classic Splendid Structures

by Mister SF on 08/01/2008

>> Splendid Structures

Do you know your bracket from your cornice? Mister SF’s Splended Structures includes a guide to understanding SF’s ornate Victorians. All of the City’s beautiful building are landmarks – some official, others only sentimental. Continue to Classic Galleries…