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The San Franciscans

Mister SF bids farewell to Martita Timiriasieff, an icon of the City’s dance community.

Doorman Tom Sweeney, one of the most photographed people in San Francisco history, will retire from his position at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street, this week.

Since 1976, Sweeney has opened doors and hoisted luggage donned in his Beefeater costume in all weather. What was expected to be a summer job turned in to 43 years and 36 uniforms. Over those years Sweeney welcomed countless visitors to our City as its most photographed representatives, all without a newspaper column or an identical twin. Now a grandfather, the Richmond resident and native San Franciscan has no plans to relocate.


Marge Returns

by Mister SF on 12/20/2018

>> The San Franciscans

When the new Mel’s Cafe – a “concept” Mel’s Diner – opened recently at 1050 Van Ness Ave., Mister SF inspected the premises to make sure the portrait of Marge was placed in the restaurant. Marge was a real person who ran her own diner, Marge’s Place, near Ocean Beach before closing the joint and later appearing in the print ad seen here.

Shortly before she went to work for Mel’s Diner, Marge slung hash alongside a young Mister SF at Dudley’s Bar & Grill near the SF Hilton. Marge was extremely proud of her career as a proprietor. Her warmth and kindness also made her a memorable colleague. In fact, Dudley’s owner Dan Garcia actually ripped the phone out of Marge’s hand to fire me. Marge quit not long after. It was a good break for both of us! She was a proud lady whose legacy lives on.


Mister SF remembers Marian Brown in an intimate portrait of an old friend and a San Francisco icon.

Dateline: Market and Castro Streets, where a Gay Housewife comes face to face with a Friend of the Housewives. We love our friends from New Jersey and that includes Greg Bennett! The Bravo hunk is not only on our team, he’s on Team Melissa, and we like that, too.


Ask a Comedian

by Mister SF on 08/09/2010

>> In with the New!,The San Franciscans

Dateline: the Heart of the City. The laughs continue as Mr. and Mister SF attend “Comedy Talks” in our tale, Ask a Comedian.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin

by Mister SF on 01/16/2009

>> The San Franciscans

Thank you Supervisor Aaron Peskin. Final day for popular supe.

Classic San Franciscans

by Mister SF on 07/31/2008

>> The San Franciscans

Here’s the SF-based artist and designer Famous Melissa out on the Bay at dusk in May, 2008. Tomorrow’s towering San Francisco rises behind her. What made Melissa famous? She was featured in People magazine for designing a dress made out of computer chips. Heart of the City celebrates the unique personalities inexorably identified with San Francisco. Continue to Classic Galleries…