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by Mister SF on 08/15/2013

Farewell Favorites:
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Hall of Horrors: Elvira Mistress of the Dark


Hall of Horrors: Jason Voorhees.


Hall of Horrors: Boris Karloff.


Hall of Horrors: Freddy Kruger and Leatherface.


Hall of Horrors: Frankenstein's Monster.


Hall of Horrors: Dracula and Phantom of the Opera.


Hall of Horrors.


Hall of Horrors: Michael Myers.


Hall of Horrors: Vincent Price, House of Wax.

Pop Culture: Like life-sized Glade Plug-Ins, wax Donald Trump and Martha Stewart looking much fresher in 2006. Donald and Martha, you’re fried (and fired, too!) Donny and Marie Osmond. She’s a little bit paraffin; he’s a little bit soy and bees.

Local icons in the San Francisco Wax Museum included the notorious Anton LaVey.

Mister SF was there when the figure of former Mayor Willie Brown was introduced to the City at Wilkes Bashford in 2001. Today, Brown’s figure is included in the Holywood Hunks section, presumably because he appears in The Princess Diaries, a Hollywood movie shot in San Francisco.

Hollywood Hunks: Jack Nicholson and George Clooney. The real Carolyn Tyler and James Fong pose with wax Johnny Depp.

Barry Bonds. We caught Barry headless while the museum was filming a skit for another outlet.


Comedians: Phyllis Diller, Carol Burnett, George Burns.


Comedians: Woody Allen, Jim Carrey.


Comedians: Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, W.C. Fields.


Comedians: The Three Stooges.

Hollywood Glamour: Nicole Kidman made a rare personal appearance at the muse… oh… nevermind.

You’re in the picture. Here’s the ultimate exhibit at the SF Wax Museum, the cast of The Wizard of Oz. For Mister SF’s money, the Tin Man was always the best piece in the house.

San Francisco Wax Museum, 145 Jefferson Street, 1963-2013.

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