Thrift Shopping in the Dustbin of History

by Mister SF on 08/01/2013

Dateline: The Goodwill Store, 1700 Haight Street, where Mister SF acquiesces to the return of bed bugs in our culture by giving up thrift shopping. Goodwill Industries had to destroy two warehouses full of goods this week, one in Burlingame and another at 11th and Mission Streets in San Francisco, due to bed bug infestions. While it’s important to note that bed bugs were not found in any of Goodwill’s Bay Area stores… did I mention bed bugs? Here’s a cautionary tale by Katie Sweeney that’s making the rounds.

As for the dustbin of history, it is objectified in this Matt Gonzalez for Mayor poster we found here on a recent sweep for stray Revere Ware lids. (You know you don’t want to go to that hoarder lady on Divis if you don’t have to.) The unconventional Gonzalez upset the mayoral election in 2003 by all at once galvanizing and destabalizing the City’s progressive base. Gonzalez made the runnoff but ultimately lost to Gavin Newsom. Though it has no glass, the framed Gonzalez poster cost $14, “because it’s signed.”


1965 Jim Beam Christmas bottle (tarted up).


San Franciscan Barbara Eden in "I Dream of Jeannie" in 1965.

As we part ways indefintely, Mister SF celebrates and salutes the Haight Street Goodwill Store, where once we also found a 1965 Jim Beam Christmas bottle for $7 when they were going for $75 at online auction. If you don’t recognize a 1965 Jim Beam Christmas Bottle on sight, congratulations for being younger than 30.

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