Bye, Bob

by Mister SF on 07/14/2010

Dateline: 1601 Polk Street. I’ve been a fan of Bob’s Broiler for so long that I’ve never actually referred to it as “Bob’s Broiler” until today. Ever since I had my first burger and fries here twenty years ago, I’ve only ever thought of it as Bob’s Diner.

After all, the signs says “Bob’s,” though the menu says “Bob’s Broiler,” but who looks at the menu again after the first visit? I never had a reason to suspect that a burger and fries would be discontinued, and my order never changed. I think the bill was $4.25 the first time I ordered, with a coffee, of course. At the end you could still get out for less than ten.

Bob’s closed in June, 2010 after a 30-year run.

I took a date here once. When he didn’t get it, I knew all I needed to know about the guy.

Once in a while someone remembers that members of Beach Blanket Babylon used to perform on the sidewalk in front of Polk and Sacramento Streets in the ’70s.

Mister SF with Bob’s owner Doris before the final day.

Doris owned Bob’s for the past eleven years. Don’t despair, diner lovers. The new proprietor of the Polk Street location is planning an American diner theme. Meanwhile, Doris is opening up a new Bob’s at 4318 California Street in the Richmond. The Bob’s redux is located in a great spot near the vibrant Clement Street shopping district.

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