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by Mister SF on 02/09/2010

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Cooperation on all levels of government created the Central Subway. The venerable Rose Pak was among those singled out for her perseverance and ability to galvanize others.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is taking care of business.

After a quick stop to sign an autograph as a favor for Sal Castaneda, the mayor was pressed by the media.

The mayor was in good form, still soothing his vibe with local scribes. The murder rate is down and there are other positive signs for the City’s future, but Newsom’s still not really getting props from local journos.

The Central Subway is expected to carry 41,450 passengers per day by 2030. Of course, no one knows for sure what the impact will be on job creation, but the annual operating cost is expected to be about $9 million.

Mister SF is far too much of a gentleman to make any remark about politicians and shovels.

The Central Subway has a line of critics longer than its 1.7 miles. Three people coldly asked me where the subway fits in Mister SF’s romantic vision of San Francisco. To them I say, don’t think of it as a hole in the heart of the City. Think of it as a stent.

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