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by Mister SF on 08/06/2010

Only in SF:
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Slobs keep SF chiropractors in business.

Here’s Lucy, doing what she does best.

We actually found a second banana, and I don’t mean Viv, on Cole Street near Oak.

Life can be so serious that it’s important to get to that place where we can laugh freely. It’s really hard to do a banana slide without laughing – until you hit the ground.

We love Lucie, too. Lucie Arnaz, her mother’s Here’s Lucy co-star, talks about sharing her mother with the world. Lucie produced the 1993 documentary Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie, about her parents’ lives and work. Lucie, a successful musical comedy star and producer in her own right, recently prevailed in an effort to have her mother’s lifetime achievement awards removed from an auction of personal items by the widow of Lucille Ball’s second husband, Gary Morton.

Lucy protégé, friend, and co-star Carole Cooke says Lucille aged after she left the discipline of series television behind.

We visited the grave of Lucille Ball in January, 2001. Our visit to the grave, then located at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills, was fittingly comedic. When we pulled up to the gate and politely asked to be pointed toward the Columbarium of Remembrance, the “lady in the booth” said flatly, “You’re looking for Lucy.” Jeff did his best Gale Gordon and stammered that we were there to pay our respects. She said, “Forest Lawn doesn’t go for tourism. We have strict privacy polices,” and with that, she provided a map, circled the location of the grave and sent us off with a hearty, “Don’t forget Bette Davis.” Last year, Michael Jackson was being interred at Forest Lawn in Glendale, in the same campus as Jean Harlow, Joseph B. Strauss – the engineer who built the Golden Gate Bridge – and many, many others, some famous. We roared with laughter when we heard a representative from Forest Lawn tell CNN, “Forest Lawn doesn’t go for tourism. We have strict privacy polices.”

In 2002, Lucie and her brother Desi Arnaz Jr. moved their mom’s grave to the east coast, to Jamestown, New York, where Lucy was born. I wonder why! Of course, if you are looking for Lucy, she’s just as easy to find, though maybe harder to get to – like that part of yourself that still appreciates a good banana slide.

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