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by Mister SF on 08/13/2010

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Judge Mocks God: Church meet State, or Separation of Thoughts from Ideas. This sign reminded me of a joke I used to do in standup. Pat Buchanan had said in the press that gays “mock God with a flagrant, orgiastic lifestyle.” Slowly I turned to the audience, “Have you been getting together without me?”

Former Supervisor Aaron Peskin and Hank Donat await Judge Walker’s decision on the stay.

Hank Donat and Phil Ting. The Assessor-Recorder hopes to record some gay marriages once more.

The couples are on the right, media on the left. The center aisle is for those with appointments, such as straight people. I wondered how those couples felt, leaving with their documents in hand while these others waited to possibly still be denied. Personally, I don’t think I could have run this gauntlet. Some of those who do have the right to marry said they were proud to be doing so on this day when they believed gay marriage would be restored.

When your rights have been denied for so long, you hold on to hope, and to each other.

Couples rejoiced when word finally came that the stay had been lifted. The party lasted long enough for members of the Marriage Equality USA contingent to join those couples in line inside the building, but before fifteen minutes had passed, an aspect of the decision had become clearer – the stay was lifted, but marriages would be postponed until August 18.

Wood and Hunt didn’t get married Thursday, but say they’ll come back again when the stay is fully lifted next week, or again after that if there is a further delay. People who are fighting for gay marriage know it’s not their last day until we have full marriage rights in all 50 states.

It was neither the best of times nor the worst of times. For many it was a big waste of time, in addition to an emotional roller coaster ride. But the prevailing sense is that Judge Walker is dotting every i, crossing every t. As in, i-t sucks to wait for your rights. Anyone sticking to the argument that all of this is happening too soon may not be familiar with the concept of bolting through a closing door for your rights. My community is earning its merit badge in hurry up and wait – which we can do.

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jayboy 08/13/2010 at 9:38 am

Thanks for being on the scene… since the beginning… and for providing this clear-eyed but heartfelt and informative update.

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