Wish You Were Here 011413

by Mister SF on 01/14/2013

>> High on a Hill,Only in SF

Take Five

by Mister SF on 01/13/2013

>> In with the New!,Only in SF

Dateline North Beach, 649 Green Street, where Mister SF shares a relaxed moment with members of the Green Street Mortuary Band.

Mister SF says ciao to the latest remnant of a fading fad of 1950s-style diners as Johnny Rockets leaves the Fillmore.

Onward and Upward!

by Mister SF on 12/31/2012

>> In with the New!,Only in SF

Dateline westbound 37 Corbett Line, Castro and 18th Streets, where Mister SF knows one thing for sure about predictions for 2013.

Happy New Year!

Bridge Theatre Goes Dark

by Mister SF on 12/30/2012

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF says farewell to an Inner Richmond favorite.
Mister SF visits the latest Farewell Favorite, San Francisco’s oldest bookstore, Fields.

Free Fireplace

by Mister SF on 11/07/2012

>> Only in SF

Dateline Laurel Heights, east side of Spruce Street between Sacramento and California Streets, where Mister SF finds the deal of the week – some assembly required.

Mister SF Takes Shelter

by Mister SF on 10/18/2012

>> In with the New!

Mister SF goes from Paris to Frankfurt via 31 Geary.

San Francisco City Hall, Van Ness Avenue.

To learn more about Hank Donat and Jeff Halpern, and our campaign for marriage equality, don’t miss Beth Winegarner’s cover story, “A More Perfect Union: Prop. 8 May Lead to Gay-Marriage Rights” in this week’s SFWeekly.

Lights Out for the Lumiere

by Mister SF on 09/23/2012

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF closes the curtain on The Lumiere.