Bay to Breakers

by Mister SF on 05/20/2012

>> In with the New!,Notorious SF

With a candy parade of sorts, Mister SF ensconces the drinking holiday Bay to Breakers in his gallery of San Francisco institutions.

So Long, Sam Wo

by Mister SF on 04/20/2012

>> Farewell Favorites,Notorious SF

Mister SF visits Sam Wo Restaurant as the so-called “jook joint” jumps one last time.

Notes from the Unhappening

by Mister SF on 08/13/2010

>> Only in SF

In Notes from the Unhappening, Mister SF turns left at the alter.

Ask a Comedian

by Mister SF on 08/09/2010

>> In with the New!,The San Franciscans

Dateline: the Heart of the City. The laughs continue as Mr. and Mister SF attend “Comedy Talks” in our tale, Ask a Comedian.

Looking for Lucy

by Mister SF on 08/06/2010

>> Local Joints,Only in SF

Here’s a tour of San Francisco with no stops. It only takes a couple of slips and slides for Mr. and Mister SF to celebrate the 99th birthday of Lucille Ball.

Proposition 8 Overturned

by Mister SF on 08/04/2010

>> Only in SF

Hank Donat’s statement on the decision by a federal judge to overturn Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment passed by California voters in 2008: Read More.

Bye, Bob

by Mister SF on 07/14/2010

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF and the wandering burger make it one for the road in “Bye, Bob.”

Cable Car Query

by Mister SF on 07/10/2010

>> Ask Mister SF Answers

A cable car by any other name gets you where you’re going in Mister SF’s query for a Saturday afternoon.

Central Subway Underway

by Mister SF on 02/09/2010

>> In with the New!

Like Mister SF and Cyndi Lauper before him, San Francisco is soon to have a hole in its heart that goes all the way to Chinatown.