Landmark Renovation is S-Backwards

by Mister SF on 11/01/2009

Dateline: The Heart of the City, where the crumbling Bay Bridge reopens after last week’s rain of steel and wire, while another landmark receives a dubious upgrade, unnoticed perhaps, but not by Mister SF. The Public Storage building on the corner of Geary Blvd. and Masonic Ave. is an unfamous landmark that dates decades of photos and film footage with it’s bold: STORAGE, visible all the way from Cathedral Hill to the outer Richmond along the City’s busy Geary Blvd. The naturally decaying sign was nothing TO RAGE about, but I was glad to see the east-facing letters go under renovation last week. It was the same day authorities shut down the Bay Bridge after a repair that had been made on Labor Day failed shortly before rush hour traffic, last Wednesday.

As I passed the “S” in storage, it was shining and new, glistening in the steely sun. Later, with Golden Gate-esque paint, it seemed brighter still, proudly ready for service. Superman would put his extra junk in this building, I thought, but something was not quite right. I took my design pal over to confirm what I had suspected: the “S” is upside-down and backwards. So, we hoped the Bay Bridge – repaired (again) – would fare better, and together we decided to wait a few days before crossing.

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