Prisoner of Melbourne: Driscoll House

by Mister SF on 04/11/2009

Mister SF’s Roadshow: Prisoner of Melbourne
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In Episode 291, Judy Bryant (Betty Bobbit) and Meg Morris (Elspeth Ballantyne) visit the future Driscoll House, shot at 138 Park Street, Abbotsford. The fictional addresses is “32 Worthington Street.” The halfway house is the center of action outside Wentworth until Episode 400, when Judy euthanizes Hazel Kent in a larger Driscoll House that succeeds the Park Street locale.

Driscoll House: then and now.

Looking for Maxine Daniels at the Driscoll House.

Oh my God! Are you out of your mind? What were you thinking? As Judy Bryant, Bobbit repeats this mantra countless times in many tones (but usually shrieking) during her long run on Prisoner. It’s no wonder, considering the constant trouble that her impetuous mates land in her lap both at Wentworth and at Driscoll House.

Joys of urban archeology. When a house is just a house and a door is no longer a door.

The Park Street Driscoll House is last seen in Episode 350. The final guest is Faye Quinn.

Driscoll House: then and now.

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