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Union Square

Doorman Tom Sweeney, one of the most photographed people in San Francisco history, will retire from his position at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 450 Powell Street, this week.

Since 1976, Sweeney has opened doors and hoisted luggage donned in his Beefeater costume in all weather. What was expected to be a summer job turned in to 43 years and 36 uniforms. Over those years Sweeney welcomed countless visitors to our City as its most photographed representatives, all without a newspaper column or an identical twin. Now a grandfather, the Richmond resident and native San Franciscan has no plans to relocate.


Virgin Mega Store

by Mister SF on 03/01/2009

>> Farewell Favorites

Like a Virgin, done.

Fur Protestors

by Mister SF on 02/11/2009

>> In with the New!

The Fur Protestors who make their mark on Union Square (and kill my appetite for lunch).

Yours, Mime, and Hours

by Mister SF on 12/20/2008

>> Only in SF

Womannequins spotted at Union Square.