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Bob Ukena is a native San Franciscan with an eye for sidewalk art and our renowned NIKKO. Bob writes, "In my wanderings around the City, I've seen a lot of graffiti from a person named NIKKO. After a while, I noticed that I was seeing this individual's concrete carvings all over Nob Hill and Russian Hill! I started documenting instances of this signature and have to date come up with more than 113 scrawlings in the concrete that can be attributed to "NIKKO Concrete Artist," (724 Leavenworth St.)"

NIKKO operated from approximately 1971 through 1984 throughout the Nob and Russian Hill areas. There are many samples on the 600 and 700 blocks of Greenwich Street. Other streets where NIKKOs can be found: Mason, Jones, Taylor, Clay, Van Ness, Green, Union, Leavenworth, Larkin, Taylor, Bush, Sacramento. As you can see, NIKKO is very prolific. NIKKO sometimes leaves messages: "NIKKO on duty! (NW corner Green/Taylor), "NIKKO is everywhere!" (SW corner Stockton & Columbus near Green); "NIKKO is law" (SE corner Van Ness & Union), "NIKKO concrete cat!" (near 2500 Van Ness). Keep an eye out for NIKKO etchings in the Nob/Russian Hill area during your walks on the Hills.

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