New and Venerable Institutions: Chain of Fools

1201 Ocean Avenue

Chain of Fools: In a City where chain stores are as welcome as malignant tumors, even the crack addicts were surprised in January, 2003 when a 7-Eleven store opened on Market Street near Sixth. The owner of the franchise convenience store, Rakesh Patel, says his 7-Eleven will help revitalize mid-Market and will attract customers from the nearby shopping district at Fifth and Market. 7-Eleven stores are already open in San Francisco at Ocean Avenue, Taraval Street, 18th Street, and 46th Avenue. The City's first fast food chain restaurant was a Jack-in-the-Box at 1888 Lombard Street, opened in 1970. The first McDonald's arrived a year later, at 1201 Ocean Avenue. The Lombard St. Jack-in-the-Box closed in 2000, making the Ocean Ave. McDonald's San Francisco's oldest surviving fast food chain restaurant at this writing in January, 2004.

Detail: 711 Club

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