New and Venerable Institutions: Hydrogen Fuel Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cars: Seeing was believing as Gavin Newsom, the mayor that knows how, drank a cup of water collected from the exhaust pipe of a car. (See it for yourself in the photo series!)

Newsom drank the liquid in order to demonstrate the environmental safety of the hydrogen fuel cell in the Honda FCX. The City has leased two of the cars. "Pure," Newsom said with a grimace before making San Raphael Mayor Al Boro take a swig, too. Now that's commitment. No word yet on whether you'll see auto water on the menu at PlumpJack.

Newsom made history by making San Francisco the first city to add hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to its fleet. While the media surrounded Newsom and the auto dealers at Civic Center Plaza, only a few feet away on a folding chair sat Pastor Roger Huang. Huang stared straight ahead, quietly resolute on day 8 of his hunger strike to bring attention to social problems with drugs, alcohol, and pornography in the Tenderloin.

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