New and Venerable Institutions: Old Clam House

The Old Clam House, 299 Bayshore Blvd. 
San Francisco institutions aren't limited to the familiar and famous neighborhoods. There's no question The Old Clam House on Bayshore Blvd. is what travelers call "out of the center." That doesn't stop it from being a storied and cherished landmark. It's the oldest restaurant in San Francisco at a continuous location. (Tadich Grill was established in 1849 but not at its current digs on California Street.) The Oakdale Bar & Clam House, as it was known, opened on the waterfront, near a creek, in 1861. It survived the 1906 Earthquake. (The right-hand half of the place as you enter is the original structure.) Today, the waterfront is a mile east of here due to landfill. The creek is underground, too. However, The Old Clam House still has the great fresh seafood and friendly service that has sustained it through more than a dozen owners and over 140 years - nearly the entire life of the City. For locals it's a terrific, unpretentious place to take the folks.

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