New and Venerable Institutions: Classic Pink
The Sunday Chronicle's Pink Section is the City's version of Classic Coke. As attached to sentimental details as San Franciscans are, tampering with the Sunday entertainment section is bound to be a little bit like rearranging a blind man's furniture - disorienting. Beginning on May 26, 2002, the Chronicle began publishing the Sunday Datebook on white paper, ending a decades long tradition that made Sunday la jour en rose. The Chron's sports page, the Sporting Green, was printed on green paper for many years until 1987. A green bar at the top of that section and later a green headline carried on the tradition of the Sporting Green. Representatives from the Chronicle said the white paper better presents photos and illustrations. Like those who rejected New Coke in the '80s, the white Pink Section left San Francisco readers cold. The pink pages returned on November 16, 2003.

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