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I snapped this picture of President Clinton doing his lip biting act for the last time in San Francisco. On the president's right is California Governor Gray Davis, who was recalled and kicked out of office by voters in 2003. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, on the president's left, was turned out of office in 2004, but only due to term limits. Says the mayor, "It never comes down on Willie Brown." - HD

William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was the second president to be charged with articles of impeachment before the United States Senate. Clinton survived the trial of his administration when he was acquited by the Senate of two counts of perjury, one of obstruction of justice, and one of abuse of power in connection with his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinski.

Clinton's last visit to San Francisco as president was on November 3, 2000. He visited Moscone Center to stump for Al Gore.

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