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04/27/04: District Attorney Kamala Harris steadfastly kept a campaign promise not to seek the death penalty in San Francisco in spite of pressure to do so from the Police Officers Association, Feinstein, the family of slain Officer Isaac Espinoza, and many others.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (not pictured), a former San Francisco mayor, set off a death penalty frenzy in the City when she cruelly and inexplicably called for the life of accused cop killer David Hill at the funeral of Officer Isaac Espinoza a week after Espinoza was shot in Bay View on April 10, 2004. District Attorney Kamala Harris pledged to prosecute Hill to the fullest extent of the law without seeking execution. In the wake of Espinoza's murder, leaders from cities nationwide called for the renewal of Feinstein's federal assault weapons ban.

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