Notorious SF: Traffic A*holes

Like a homesteader or some kind of mobile squatter, the Seatsteader will use his or her luggage, packages, or just their ass in order to crowd others out for a private booth on public transportation. The a*hole pictured here takes the grand prize, for seatsteading with a roasted chicken on a crowded coach.
You don't know their names, but you hate them. They're the Traffic A*holes - the double parkers, jaywalkers, and red light runners who make our lives miserable. They seem determined to deny you, you, you, a clear passage and risk your life. When Mister SF is trapped because of a traffic a*hole, he takes a deep breath and thinks of Princess Diana, one person who you'd think would be entitled to clear passage but was not. The next time you think someone's in your way, ask yourself when Van Ness Avenue was renamed Your Way. Meanwhile, shake a fist at these traffic a*holes and get it out of your system.

Crosswalk Parker
Red Light Runner
Fireplug Parker
Sidewalk Parker
Hit and Run
Special Delivery
Bus Stop Parker
Parking Hog
Cement Mixer Blockade
Tour Bus Stop-and-Go
Triple Crown A*hole
Sidewalk Car Washer

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