Notorious SF:  Vice Mayor Alioto

Mayor Gavin Newsom with members of San Francisco's 10-Year Plan Council.

Vice Mayor Alioto: On June 30, 2004, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Angela Alioto released, "The San Francisco Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness."

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Detail V: Members of the 10-Year Plan Council are Mel Beetle, homeless advocate; Cassandra Benjamin, Schwab Foundation; Pamela Berman, small business owner; Paul Boden, Coalition on Homelessness; Dr. Francis Brinkin, Raphael House; Brian Cahill, Catholic Charities; Chip Connelly, Joie de Vivre Hospitality; Chris Cunnie, Walden House; Supervisor Chris Daly; Mike DeNunzio, Aging and Adult Services Commission; Ruth Dewson, small business owner; Steve Fields, Progress Foundation; Suzanne Giraudo, therapist; Lauren Hall, Corporation for Supportive Housing; Rev. John Hardin, St. Anthony Foundation; Daryl Higashi, Mayor's Office of Housing; David Heller, Greater Geary Boulevard Merchants; John Hutar, Hotel Council; Arthur Jackson, Jackson Employment Agency; Ed Jew, community leader; Bobby Jones, business leader; Dr. Richard Kunin; Anne Kronenberg, Department of Public Health; Carol Lamont, San Francisco Foundation; Ann Marks, writer; Fred Martin, University of California professor; Gayle Orr-Smith, former deputy mayor for public safety; Dr. Robert Okin, San Francisco General Hospital; Bok Pon, Cathay Post No. 384, American Legion; Ramon Romero, San Francisco Redevelopment Commission; Dr. Pablo Stewart, Haight Ashbury Free Clinic; George Wesolek, Archdiocese of San Francisco; Leon Winston, Local Homeless Coordinating Board.

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