Splendid Structures: Mister SF's Architecture Primer

38. Edwardian building at 277 Frederick Street.

Mister SF's Architecture Primer: No, no, no! For the last time, an Edwardian is not "a Victorian with square bay windows." How did that simplistic and incorrect perception get started, anyhow? The terms "Victorian" and "Edwardian" refer not to styles, but to time periods of architecture, usually demarcated by the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. However, in San Francisco we tend to use 1906 as a general cut-off. Post-1906 architecture represents the start of the Edwardian period, when new houses were generally less ornate than their pre-quake counterparts. The period lasted until 1910, though many sources refer to a window as wide as 1895-1915 as the Edwardian era. As for those square bay windows, the opposite is true. Edwardians usually have slanted bays.

San Francisco realtor Ian Berke has published an online guide to San Francisco architectural styles that Mister SF thinks you will find very useful.

1. Balcony
2. Bracket
3. Bracket Extension
4. Bracketed Portico
5. Button/Rosette
6. Capital
7. Column
8. Column (Fluted)
9. Columned Portico
10. Corner Bracket
11. Cornice
12. Decorative Shingles
13. Dentils
14. Dome
15. Finial
16. Flat Front
17. Floral Decorative
18. Frieze
19. Gable
20. Keystone
21. Newel Post

22. Pagoda
23. Panel Molding

24. Parapet

25. Pilaster

26. Queen Anne Style

27. Quoins

28. Rinceax/Garland

29. San Francisco Stick

Sawn Portico Ballustrade
31. Slanted Bay Window

32. Spindle Work

33. Stained Glass

34. Sunburst

35. Tower

36. Turned Portico Ballustrade

37. Vergeboard

38. Victorian/Edwardian

39. Window Hood, Flat

40. Window Hood, Segmented

41. Witch's Cap

42. Wreath

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