The San Franciscans: Bruce Brennan
As the Hippy Gourmet, Bruce Brennan gets his share of predictable questions about Alice B. Toklas cookies and hash brownies. However, a closer look reveals a classically trained gourmet chef who has cooked for a long list of movie and rock world celebrities, in addition to Ronald Reagan and the Shah of Iran. Brennan arrived in San Francisco as a teenager during the Summer of Love (1967). "All the flowers pointed to San Francisco," says Bruce, who had already established his hippie credibility at the age of 13, when the New York Post referred to him as a "longhaired truant" after they interviewed the youth at a New York peace demonstration. As the Hippy Gourmet, Brennan celebrates family-style cooking in the San Francisco tradition. Mister SF and his own motley brood can attest that nothing says San Francisco like cooking a kitchenful of great food from fresh, natural ingredients and dividing the lot of it by the number of friends who show up that day. With its laid back approach, Brennan's cable cooking show is a hit. "If you can make a Bloody Mary, you can make Gazpacho," he says. In San Francisco Brennan discovered that food unites all people, all the time. And that's the simple truth about love, peace and eating - you can take it from the Hippy Gourmet. 

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